Rapid Low-Code

Application Development

Experience the advantage of low-code technology in building and deploying custom applications swiftly and efficiently. Our team of seasoned developers collaborates with you to design, develop, and implement solutions that cater to your specific needs while minimizing development time and resource allocation.

Low-code apps can be used to solve a wide variety of business problems and support a range of project types. Solutions Made Simple can help with your application development and build a custom solution for:

  • Business process automation

    Automate repetitive business processes, such as data entry, approvals, and notifications.

  • Customer relationship management

    Creation of custom, flexible CRM solutions, including lead tracking, customer service, and sales management.

  • Project management

    A custom project management solution could include task tracking, project timelines, and team collaboration, and more.

  • Inventory management

    A solution in inventory management organizes and streamlines stock tracking, order management,  supply chain optimization, and more.

  • Human resources

    Automated HR solutions in employee onboarding, performance management, and benefits administration.

  • E-commerce

    Our tailored e-commerce solutions, include online storefronts, payment processing, order fulfillment and tracking, and more.

  • Mobile apps

    A mobile app for iOS and Android devices, both customer-facing apps and internal employee apps.

low-code app development by solutions made simple

Why Low-Code App Develpment?

With low-code platforms, we create applications more quickly and efficiently than traditional coding methods. This means you can get your app to market faster, giving you a competitive advantage.

Because low-code platforms often use pre-built components and templates, fewer developers are needed and less time and money is spent than developing custom code. This can significantly reduce development costs.

With low-code platforms, you can make changes to your application more quickly and easily than traditional coding methods. This means the response to changing business needs and customer feedback can happen more quickly.

Low-code platforms can facilitate collaboration between developers, designers, and business stakeholders. Because the development process is visual, it's easier for non-technical stakeholders to provide feedback and contribute to the development process.

Our low-code platforms offer integrations with other systems, such as CRM or ERP systems, making it easier to create applications that work seamlessly with your existing systems.

The visual drag-and-drop interface makes it easier for clients to collaborate and create their own workflows – empowering your team to champion their processes and be more efficient.

The faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to create a flexible, custom application.

Solutions Made Simple is here to help small and medium-sized businesses and organizations who are looking to innovate and stay competitive in the digital landscape with their low-code application development needs.

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