Business Process Optimization

State-of-the-art automation solutions to streamline your business processes

When your team members no longer need to spend time on manual data entry, routing and archiving of documents, and updating tedious processes, they can focus on tasks that drive innovation and profit.

Managing business processes is a huge challenge in most organizations. Many business owners assume that automating processes is a huge expense or that it is only worth it for massive processes. However, business process automation is important no matter the size of your business.

Business process automation refers to the automation of a specific process that is not necessarily repeated, such as onboarding new hires or sending out a newsletter to clients. Solutions Made Simple can facilitate any type of process automation – whether it is by setting up precise rules for handling documents and information, or by simplifying approvals helping you better make decisions in a straightforward, effective way.

business process optimization by solutions made simple

Experiencing These Pain Points?


Unorganized Processes

Your organization’s HR onboarding process is too complex and chaotic. The HR department has dreams of going paperless, but it’s been a complicated situation finding the right solution. They continue to have each candidate fill out long paper forms which is consuming too much time and energy.


Cumbersome Tracking

Anything that involves money has to go through your accounting team, which means they get bombarded daily with paper forms, vendor quotes, and email requests from all departments. The current process is cumbersome, tedious, and extremely hard to manage, track, review and approve.


Time Wasted

The sales team is spending too much time on repetitive manual tasks, like creating email campaigns, scheduling meetings, and following up with prospects. Quality leads are not being nurtured appropriately and in a timely manner.

We have a solution for that. And more.

From designing workflows to integrating them with your existing systems, we assist you in optimizing operations, reducing errors, and improving productivity across your organization

Untold workforce hours are spent tediously entering data, searching for information, manually emailing documents, and then re-archiving. This not only grinds entire processes to a halt, but introduces significant opportunities for errors, exceptions and headaches. 


Opportunities for business process automation present themselves in almost any business industry or context. Let Solutions Made Simple help you replace manual, labor-intensive tasks with our state-of-the-art automation solutions and streamline your business processes.

Reap the Benefits

  • Gain control of chaotic and unwieldy processes

  • Create, map, analyze, and improve business processes

  • Run everyday operations more efficiently

  • Realize bigger organizational goals

  • Move toward digital transformation

  • Improve and optimize tangled operations

  • Closely track individual items as they move through a workflow

Simplicity in process.

Custom tools to automate approvals, notifications, task assignments, reporting, and more.

Certain processes in finance, HR, sales, marketing, and elsewhere are particularly prone to repetitive, multi-step tasks and manual data entry that are the perfect fit for automation. 

Our low-code solutions are designed with adaptability in mind and tailor-made to accelerate your business processes.

Approval Requests

Getting approval for designs or documents can be a time-consuming process. By automating each step in the process, you can save time by automatically generating notifications and putting everything in one place.

Hiring & Onboarding

Hiring and onboarding new talent for a project often requires a great deal of paperwork and messaging back and forth. Fortunately, much of this process can be automated, saving both the hiring manager and the new employee time that can be better spent settling into the role.

Work Intake

Many teams work on a ticket system, where requests come in from clients or other teams and are added to the queue to be completed on a schedule. Much of this process can be automated, so the team receiving them can spend their time on completing the tasks themselves.

Invoice Approvals

Capture paper or digital invoices, index their data with zero manual entry. Route them through a defined, digital queue based on cost centers, amounts, PO numbers and other variables. Post data back to applications like SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics or Quickbooks.

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